Alexander Theodoridis

A talented gifted man not wasting one minute of his time stopping food waste and shaping us and our world!

We are so used to clichés in our lives… putting ONE-WORD labels on people, just like we do with objects! We see a person dressed in a suite, we think to our selves “he is serious” or we like to give one-word labels to people like: she is kind, he is mean, oh that woman that talks too much, or that vegetarian guy etc.! I guess it’s easy to focus on one-characteristics and what we usually put out to identify ourselves…But the truth is that we are so much more than that! Or at least we have it and need to cultivate it! So let me introduce you to Alexander Theodoridis, a man of many talents, virtues, characteristics! And since I am a woman of a broad imagination… I will introduce him to you via cartoon characters… Alexander is as adorable and cuddly as Winnie the Pooh, as kind-loving and extremely funny as Dave the Minion, as straightforward-strong and strong willed as Shrek, extremely intelligent with high perception like Brain from the Pinky and the Brain and with a touch of Robin Hood!


And having compared him to animation, I must say now that Alexander in like no other and he is as real as it gets… he is adorable, cuddly, intelligent, straight forward, strong-willed, FUNNY, honest like NO OTHER! We are all unique beings, but he has taken it to a whole new level!!! He likes to talk and pour his heart out and you think he didn’t hear what you said… but believe me his computer brain has already recorded it and will keep you to your words! 


Half German and half Greek, Alexander Theodoridis found himself maturing much earlier than most kids around him! He says at 8, he was already asking questions regarding his existence! As a child everything came easy for him, he was top of his class, great in all sports and with many talents! And that brought him to questioning why and what was all that for… his Father surly lit his road by telling him that, he needed to always use his talents and his gifts for a good cause, helping less fortunate people! Having this cause in his heart, studying Political Science at the LSE was the best way to reach out to a greater number of people. After his studies he went through working for different companies in their sales and marketing departments together with volunteering with the Helenic Rescue Team.

In 2008, Alexander found himself in politics and his journey took him 5 years to realize that his heart was with volunteering and making a positive change in people’s lives. So trying to look back into his true cause, in 2011 he found Alia Moatsou and Xenia Papastavrou, who were working on a new project regarding food waste. And in 2013, he knew in his heart that it was time to take theory into action by leaving politics for making a change through Boroume! Boroume which translates to “We Can” is an NGO with a mission to reduce food waste and to fight malnutrition in Greece. In these 5 years, they have saved over 18 million portions of food, 70 tons of vegetables & fruits, talked to over 10,000 children… and the list is long! Incredible!!!


Alexander Theodoridis is not the “classic” cause-NGO person you expect to meet; you know what I mean… a soft, gentle type! But he is TRULY committed in fighting for his cause no matter what you might think of him… as he speaks his mind, whether you like it or not and ofcourse with facts! So be prepared he has a bullshit detector and don’t waste his time or if you do, be prepared for the consequences! ;)


His words for us…

People treat us the way we let them treat us! Life and Eudemonia is in our own hands…