Alexandro Hernandez and Zacharias Petrakis

The romantic graphic designer… the extra talented artist and Mr. Kitty, designing gorgeous souvenirs!

Sometimes we must travel miles and miles to find our path… to meet new worlds and people... to meet the find who we are and what we are about... to get our hearts broken… to get out of our comfort zone…! The only sure thing is that there is a path for all of us, just like Alexandro Hernandez the Spanish graphic designer and Zacharias Petrakis the Cretan sculpture and artist even though they travelled far to find it! Both extra handsome, with gorgeous smiles and with very different characters but complementary... Zacharias being and artist is elusive, dreamy and an introvert but duo to his Cretan strong background and his parents being retail merchants, he knows how to do business! Alexandro the graphic designer who has his experience working for advertising companies, is the deadline man and he pushes to deliver, with a lot of imagination! But due to his large and intimate family he is a romantic… You should have seen his eyes admiring in silence when Zacharias was telling me his story! I met them at their beautiful loft home/workshop overlooking the Acropolis. Fascinating… every corner made by them and designed by Zacharias’s pieces of gorgeous art! Oh, and my favourite…their adorable friendly to the whole building cat “Kitty” from Crete, who thinks he is a person! Adorable!

So here is their story in short; Zacharias creative in the heart he left Crete to study fine arts in Thessaloniki and a few years later in Athens he got his heart broken and believed his future was in Madrid and guess what, it was! Alexandro on the other side born in Seville in a family of 6 children, left for Madrid to study to become a graphic designer and ended also working there in advertising! Somewhere about there either by luck or fate (I prefer the later…how un predictable of me!) they met and have been together in life and in business! Zacharias trying to find what his next business steps where, and out of just a boring chore that his mom asked him to do (and you know how it is with moms… mommy says!) which was painting some touristic t-shirts for her shop in Crete, it ended up as a very successful business story!

So today, they produce a very high quality and exclusive touristic product line and all hand painted for Museums and special shops! Truly fantastic products that you fall in love with and it becomes a must! And great quality with accessible prices that will blow your mind! I love my new notebook that has leather cover with a gorgeous art by Zacharias the artist and graphic designs and all the promotion along with their super logo by Alexandro! And soon I believe we will be expecting an art sculpture exhibition by Zacharias! I have already book my seat!