Alexandros Aggelopoulos

A LEADER worth following… a man who will inspire you to go from good to great… and always with respect to the environment!

It’s hard to talk and capture the story of REAL people...what do I mean by REAL? Well first off, they are only concerned about NOW and not the past or what brought them here...Second, they are on a fast train so they don’t have time to stop and explain nor to relax and even worse, to talk about themselves! Oh, wait let me remind you, I said REAL people and not people who need acceptance and the need to show off! Oops that’s probably not what you have used to here from me! And for that I must confess it’s all Alexandros Aggelopoulos influence! He is one of the most direct and “NO CHERIES” on top people I have ever met!

Alexandros Aggelopoulos has complete knowledge of everything around him and at all times... he is involved in a great number of things but all REAL actions that matter and actions that involve sustainability and positive growth...positive change for our environment! Ofcourse he has all the rest and in huge portions... charm, looks, smarts, fun and and and... let’s just say he has the success package written all over him!

A descendant of a self-made Greek father behind the Aldemar hotels empire and an aristocrat Dutch mother, he surly has carved his own path! He graduated from Boston University and being a rebel at heart and on contrary to what you might expect from a rich family sibling who has the key to every position he might want, Alexandros chose the “undergrounds” department (as he calls it) of Aldemar hotels; the maintenance and technical department! As you can imagine, it was super hard for him to get accepted by two and three time older than him employees who would only see him as a rich kid in the wrong department! But not him, as he earned their respect by getting his hands dirty and speak their language! He says he learnt all about politics and sports in the 5 years with them!

His CV is long and admirable and if you google him you will read all about him, if you do not know him already! So, I will tell you two very important things about him: Firstly, his number one priority and passion in respecting his environment! And not now, where the word CSR or environment is a must, but from day one! In 1997, he was a pioneer in Greece in finding natural energy resources and respecting the environment by deploying green technology for their hotels! Back then they installed over 7000 sqm, solar panels for their hotels energy. Today they are saving over 1,600,000 euros from not using fossil fuels! Or by operating their cooling systems on sea water! The list of environmental initiatives is really long, as they recycle almost everything! But environment isn’t just the green or the blue, its everything and everyone in it! And Alexandros is the man behind all the amazing initiatives that start and end with “respect” to the whole! 

And this brings me to the second most important thing about him; his passion on investing in people! But people who are committed in making a deference in everything they do and see the big picture! He said something that really resonated in me: “I don’t give a damn about Luxury, but I believe in human luxury!”. He won’t be looking at how smart you are dressed but he will take one look at you and know where you are headed! So, do him a favor and be yourself and don’t pretend, as he has read your mind and capacity in the first few minutes!

Walking in their offices, from the lady cleaning the steps till his right-hand assistant, besides impeccable manners and assistance, they all were working body and soul on the job, loving every moment of it! Cause that’s what a true leader like Alexandros Aggelopoulos does, inspiring and empowering you to be what you want to be; to be more… As Tom Peters says:

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders!