Alexandros Ivos

The multi-culture “Wonder Boy” that you just can’t get enough of his charm!

What else can you ask for when a man is handsome, charming, neat, smart, sociable, funny, great voice, athletic, independent, young, forward thinker and and and… yes, the list is long… and his name is Alexandros Ivos, and he is a wonder boy! He also has a 24/7 non-stop smile with the perfect Colgate teeth that makes you feel: oh dear, did I remember to brush my teeth?

Born in the US at the age of 7, he attended the Lee Strasberg acting school and he says that it had great impact on his character and the extrovert and outgoing person he is today. Around the same age, he also had another important talent; the entrepreneurship spirit! As he opened a lemonade stand in front of his house at an entrance of a park in New York, having calculated the cost of production and the price to sell it first! He also has travelled all around the world from just a few months old. With a half-Greek half-American mother and having a father from Croatia and travelling back and forth all these years has broaden his mind as he is very open to all cultures and ideas. He believes that the 3, traveling, theatre and entrepreneurship have made him into a person that is free from barriers and is open to all adventures and paths! Alexandros had tried many different jobs already by the age of 18 in Greece and Croatia and US!  

Travelling back to the US at the age of 17 for his bachelor degree, in order to pay for his expenses of living he worked 3 jobs simultaneously as a model/sales representative for Abercrombie & Fitch, working as a waiter on the weekends and finally, as a lifeguard in his colleges swimming pool! Do you get the picture with the “wonder boy”?

So in 2014, after having tried many different jobs, he understood that he had to create a job instead of following one, and therefore one evening together with his friend Konstadinos Gavelas, they thought of Doobbear! A social media platform where individuals can record their voice and send recordings directly to their friends privately or post their recordings publicly to all of their friends. These recordings last up to 18 seconds and are called doobs! They have a great vision to make Doobbear a must in our communication… so everyone let’s start doobing!