Alexia Kotsi

The Funkmartini woman who is passionate for knowledge!

Alexia Kotsi does it all! She is a young mother and a super hardworking and creative entrepreneur with a such a warm smile!

She started her career from a young age in search of knowledge! She is one of those people who stops at nothing! Constantly wanting to learn! With an amazing career in production companies holding positions in PR and Marketing and project management, among many of her achievements lunching MTV in Greece!

For the past few years she has held the position of PR manager in Travelplanet24, one of the largest online travel agents in Europe. And being a non-stop creative person she feels she has to explore her entrepreneurial side! So she brings Funkmartini to life! An online platform for beauty!

The idea came to her out of the need to find last minute beauty salons due to her heavy schedule and how she could get an appointment without having to leave her open space office for privacy! Cool ha?

So Funkmartini is a fully automated platform that you can close an appointment directly with the beauty salon and all online! It also very user friendly and super feminine!

They already have received first round investment and just closed the second round and they are few days away from opening a branch in the huge market of Turkey.

Answering what is the reason the investors trusted them and invested in them, she tells us that they had the perfect combination of: A well planned product, an experienced team with passion and Numbers that backed their idea!

The biggest challenge they faced was finding the “right” developer to take their passion and build it, since they have no technical background!

As for tips, she insists on being yourself and be open to knowledge! It’s so much better not to know something than to be arrogant and a know it all! An research as much as you can! Don’t be afraid of sharing your idea and receiving feedback, she says! Remember that if someone is going to copy you and do it before you then there is definitely something wrong in what you are doing!

And of course she was a scout and her motto that keeps her going is from Robert Baden Pawell, founder of the scouting movement: Look wide, and even when you think you are looking wide - look wider still...