Alkioni Matsourdeli and Danai Gavrili

The Lommer girls…designing innovative unique beautiful bags from unimaginable products and Animal free!

I know I am getting boring and keep repeating myself… but seriously now, this story is in one word called: FATE! Whether you believe it or not, that’s exactly what it is with the beautiful Lommer girls! Alkioni Matsourdeli and Danai Gavrili where meant to be friends and business partners, no matter how far apart they were at some point! Alkioni is the more practical and business mind (even though she might believe the opposite) and Danai is the romantic and the skeptic mind, but both impeccable designers questioning details and finding innovative ways to create!  


So let’s examine what fate means… is it when Alkioni wanting to be an interior designer from early teenage years, and while her parents disagreeing with her and persuading her to become an architect instead? And while applying for architecture she actually gets accepted into Interior Design College? And later on realizing that by interior design she actually meant product design! Or is when Danai wanted to actually become an architect realized that it was too much and while window shopping with her father she realized it was product design she actually wanted? And they both finished the same College but never met? Danai traveled many miles away to the University of Edinburgh and later to the Domus academy of Milan and on her return back home, designing her own furniture but realizing it wasn’t paying off. While back in Greece, Alkioni helping her brother design products for their startup, museum of Greek gastronomy. Needing help in designing, she decides to put an ad in her University, AKTO looking for product designers, and mind you in a period of deep economic crisis where product design was probably the least wanted occupation and finding designers an even harder task. But guess what? Danai, call it fate or not, sees the ad and gives them call! The two girls meet and that was enough to start their path together! After 3 months finishing the project Alkioni had found with her brother, she together with Danai stepped out of the startup and find themselves once more in the unemployed pool of people. But they had great chemistry… guess what? They create their own path together! Lommer was born after many months of searching to design almost all type of products! The beautiful and unique Lommer bags are made of EVA foam, seat belts, lifting straps, yachting ropes etc.! Their bags travel all around the world mostly through tourist in Greek islands. Lommer bags are besides unique and beautiful, lightweight, durable, recyclable, waterproof and easy to clean!

Alkioni and Danai were meant to be together as their bags were too, but that doesn’t mean that everything has been easy; they started their company right in the middle of the economic crisis and yes they have received awards such as a Silver A' Design Award, giving them a great exposure worldwide! After the award they received a great number of orders which was an amazing accomplishment for two young girls… but guess what? Greece announced capital control practices and they had to cancel all the order, since there was no way they could receive payment!!! They told me that was really painful… but that surly hasn’t stopped them! They decided to focus on Greece first and export when they could. So today they take steady steps and sure steps taking their brand international. Well done girls!