Alkistis Agio

An elegant and graceful woman, coach/psychologist and an ambassador of Greek Philosophy!

Isn’t attention what we most look for? I mean don’t we all love it when we feel we are heard and listened to? Especially, by a mentor or coach? I felt exactly that, talking with the beautiful Alkistis Agio! She welcomed me at her beautiful work of art home, and made me feel very comfortable… She has a talent of making you feel special and heard! Alkistis while talking with me, must have mentioned my name a dozen times and looking straight into my eyes, she gave me the feeling that I knew her for years… making me feel “special” while it was HER interview! Alkistis Agio in two words is: Extremely Elegant! Her soft and charming voice full of style and grace, give you the feeling you are at a presence of a royal queen!!! Seriously, while she was talking, I imagined her as Kleopatra! :)


Alkistis was brought up in a strict spartan-Greek family, in Canada. Her father being a banker, the only choice she had was to follow her father’s footsteps and so she studied corporate finance in London, far from her family. After working a few years in a bank, she knew that it wasn’t for her. Alkistis chose a very difficult path as she chose to leave a “safe and comfortable” life close to her parents and started what she calls “my 10year Odyssey”! In her 10year odyssey, she travelled and worked in many European countries and did many kind of jobs to support herself and to find who she really was and what was her dream. It was a very tough journey for her, and as she says: “it was nothing like EAT, PRAY, LOVE”! She received her Master’s degree and PhD in Psychotherapy and was trained in Neuroscience by the best worldwide. But besides Psychotherapy, Alkistis also found the Greek philosophy, through Aristotle and Socrates. She says, she kept hearing about them and even being half Greek, she hadn’t realized how important their methods were. So, she is now teaching their methods and ways, to business managers around the world but also, she acts as an ambassador of Greek Philosophy internationally, showing its beauties and how useful it is in our everyday life even after thousands of years. Her life purpose is to help people to be happy by finding their life purpose! Alkistis was among the very few to communicate her ways and teachings through internet and coach her clients via skype. And today, besides her two published books and CD’s, she has over a million viewers, who look forward to her lovely short and clear messaged videos!


Alkistis Agio, is the real thing… many people look classy and sophisticated, but she doesn’t just look it; As she is highly educated, open to all cultures and all people and most of all she is focused in her work and how to help you to find your path and Eudemonia… and my favorite: she is down to earth and open hearted, not caring about where you are from nor your outer looks… She listens to you with great respect!