Andri Theodotou

Mixing natural charm…acting...teaching and giving, can only make our world a better place!

Have you ever met a person who is a “human magnet” … one who attracts your attention and you just can’t get enough? No I am not talking about looks nor outer beauty boys… but about that strong attraction and energy that one pulls you in! Well I have, and Andri Theodotou is an example! A super charming woman that you just can’t get enough of! Andri is a respected actress with a beautiful and sensitive heart, with a strong sense of giving back to her community, very down to earth and accessible. You can feel a sense of longing and yearning in her voice wanting to make a positive change in the society! She has beautiful deep dark eyes and a lovely smile that works her magic on you!


Andri Theodotou was born in Cyprus into a lovely openminded family, in a very difficult social and economic period for the country, as her parents had lost everything duo to the war. But nevertheless, her parents gave her and her sister all that they could through books and knowledge. Andri from 6years old was in an acting group and knew from then that she wanted to be an actor. She applied secretly for a scholarship at a respected drama school, Karolos koun in Greece as not to burden her parents. After she finished there, she just needed more and so she left for the UK without any money and applied again for a scholarship and managed to get in a musical school! Ofcourse she finished again with flying colors but guess what; she wanted more!!! One of her teachers insisted on her applying for a very important scholarship that a few could get and ofcourse again she received the 3rd place and could apply to any acting school she wanted! But here comes a twist… a good twist as she explains! Andri fell in love with the man of her life and whom they are happily together and have a beautiful family, consisting of a lovely daughter and Oliver Twist (their cute dog) who was found in a plastic bag with his brothers and sisters in the trashcan!!! As you might have noticed my weakness and love for animals! She says acting and the theater is her passion but her family is her LIFE!


Andri Theodotou, luckily for her audience in Greece, came back and since then she has a long CV with theatrical plays, TV series and her favorite is her writing plays. She also does a lot of pro bono work playing for institutions and hospitals for children. She also teaches children acting! Her mother always wanted her to be a teacher and in a way, she is! She has that lovely mommy feeling and an adorable expressive way of speaking and explaining that you feel you are in kindergarten again listening to your favorite teacher!


If from each and every work you do you make one person happy, then you are successful and on the right track!