Anna Kamaridis

A successful businesswoman made of STEEL!

I have met many positive people who I just can’t get enough of and I am sure you have too… they give you that warm cuddly feeling inside! Today, I met a new kind of positive, the QUEEN of positivity; and her name is Anna Kamaridis! A woman tornado… a different kind of tornado… instead of being destructive, she is the life-giving force! A powerful woman, but not just power as in the leadership style (which she also has), but a overwhelming, sweeping you of any negativity and fear type...a captain who you will follow anywhere! A woman who you just can’t resist not noticing her every move… she is so loud in every positive adjective you can imagine! Anna Kamaridis is smart, beautiful, creative, social, sentimental, sensitive but strong, accomplished, hard worker, goal driven, focused yet extremely alert on everything going around her and and and… oh and put EXTRA before every word I just used! She walked through the door and greeted her employees (and me) so incredibly passionately and warm… like a sudden ray of sunshine!

She was born in a classic family, where her mother was the woman of the house and her father a self-made industrialist, a man who built Kamaridis Global Wire from scratch! Being a child of a self-made business man usually gives us an idea of “spoilt”…right? So let me tell you who this incredible woman is and how far she is from being spoilt! Anna Kamaridis after receiving her Masters in International business and management at the Westminster Business School of UK, she decides to start in their family business in a small district, Thiva, 100km from Athens. She says: “So I started the first day and my father asked me to send a fax… and I said what is that? Then he put me in the accounting department and again I didn’t have a clue and so on”. So, after many attempts unsuccessful to try to be useful in their company, he gives her an office and tells “do whatever you think best!”. You should hear her say this part, you will laugh your head off!!! Little did he expect, that the girl with no experience and who seemed incapable of running any department, Anna Kamaridis would actually start a new department; Exports! In only 6 month time from the day she stet a foot in their company, Anna closed her first deal to Cyprus and by herself!!!  And the journey of success started from then on… She started their exports on her own, and today with a team of 6 women, who she calls them “my girls”, they are exporting to 60 countries and are market leaders! Today she is the vice president of Kamaridis wire and lately she is also the face of the company, while being on a number of panels she has received an honorable award by the Athens Business Women Forum.

Anna Kamaridis is a woman to love… she is a mother of two adorable children and a wife to an accomplished pharmacist who believes in her and gives her space to accomplish all her goals! She believes in women and their power to create and build, while inspiring and empowering her team constantly, as a result having a bullet proof team backing one another in every way!