Apostolia Papadimaki

A gifted choreographer with mission to make our bodies express our souls!

Apostolia Papadimaki’s name says it all…her name means “mission” and that’s exactly what she is on; And she has no time to loose! She is on a mission to improve her body and soul on a non-stop learning path, in order to be a medium of hope and unity for her followers. She is simple on the outside but very complex on the inside… Apostolia is precise, disciplined, punctual, organized, strategic and down to the point! She is focused on her mission and nothing can stop her!

Apostolia as a child always loved to dance and knew that she wanted to be a choreographer when she grew up… but she couldn’t wait till then so at the age of 9-10 she used to gather her friends and the children of her town to dance and to design moves! That is called passion! She was accepted in the State School of Dance in Athens at the age of 21 and received her diploma with honours winning the first prize. Apostolia travelled to New York to gain extra research and education and managed after four years having all that she needed to come back to her country to start her journey of success! Among many of the projects that she has led are the 12th Paralympic games opening ceremony, Athens 2004, Drops of Breath Underwater Dance Performance and many more personal projects. Apostolia always on a mission to be the best and to be able to transfer all her knowledge and love to her people, she has gone through many trainings involving Yoga, Physical Theater, Ai ki Do, Scuba Diving, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy working with the best internationally!

After 20 years of ongoing studies and research on movement, Apostolia founded Biomatic Anatomy; a holistic approach to movement that expands to Pulse Impulse Dance and Floating Body (on the water surface). She believes that everybody is a potential artist, everybody can find fulfillment through movement, every body can be a healer of his shelf. In her methods there are no boundaries of age, body structure, nationality, identity.

Apostolia Papadimaki says that our body is our home… we need to take care of it and be gentle… we need to learn to go inside it when we are feeling vulnerable and not to run away from it to find external solutions to make us feel better… all the answers are with us… within our cells! Truly beautiful…

And one great tip from her on how to take care of our body is:


Take one step at a time… try to replace old habits with new ones but always one habit at a time, it can be as simple at drinking a glass of water when you wake up! (I sure am going for this tip!)