Athina Polina Dova

A woman changing the future of Human resources and recruitment!

Do you believe in fate? A path that is already chosen for us? A mission that we are meant to follow? And if we deviate from our path, it just won’t work… Well I understand it’s a hard notion to grasp for some but that doesn’t mean it’s not true! It sure is the case with Athina Polina Dova!

Athina was a loner as a child and almost through most of her teenage years… She says she was always somewhere alone with a book in her hand. Naturally Athina was a straight A student and as it usually works in many societies, a top student ends up either studding law, medicine or engineering! And so Athina chose to pursue law. Through her experience in University and being away for 4 years from her family and her comfort zone, Athina had to socialise to survive and if you meet her today you most definitely can’t even imagine that she was an introvert and had no friends… As she is quite the best friend anyone would love to have… extra funny, active and super social!

Athina Polina Dova was going full speed with her law career getting a scholarship in corporate marine law in the UK, but due to a health problem with her mother she decided to stay back and change her plans! Here comes the fate and hits you in the face… as she tries to apply again for master’s in corporate marine law this time closer to her family, she encounters a professor who is intrigued by her application and after two hours of talking with her he manages to change her mind into taking a different course! As he couldn’t except her studying law and instead thought that business is her future! Isn’t it amazing when professors and teachers actually play the role they are supposed to? to guide students to the right direction according to their skills? So thanks to her beloved professor and mentor till this day, Athina is on her mission to change the world of human resources as we know it!

Athina Polina Dova, having a law background and specialising after a few years in HR she has come up with, in my opinion, THE NEXT BIG idea! Her idea came to her after observing two things: First, with her experience in the HR department of a multinational company, she observed how candidates arrived with such enthusiasm but ended up bored and defeated when they were asked to fill a 10page questionnaire… I sure have had many of these experiences! And second she observed her male-colleagues when they were playing games, and according to the choices they made in the games she could understand their character and weaknesses. So Athina mixing both of her observations together she comes up with the amazing idea of creating a game that job candidates can play and while playing the algorithm behind it can interpret theirs moves to understand their skills!!! Amazing!

So today together with her co-founder Ilias Vartholomaios and CTO Christoforos Loutzakis, (who she couldn't do without them!) have the startup, OWIWI! After self-funding it for two years, they are lunching the new fascinating second version! Their innovative startup isn’t just another startup; as it will change the future of HR and recruitment! Saving time and money for companies, and with an even bigger impact on our lives… as every candidate will be authentic and be themselves while  playing, saving them so much valuable time choosing the right path according to the skills they have! And have great fun at the same time!

Athina and her team are creating the future… a future of every graduate following the path that they want and not a path that they should!