Benjamin Von Wong

A self taught conceptual Photographer/Artist creating images with conservation and social IMPACT!

Most of us believe that you have to be born into a profession as to be successful… I mean many argue that you have to be born an entrepreneur or an artist, right? Or at least have a close family influence that will show you the way! I absolutely love it and find it so fascinating when each time I meet someone who proves wrong my “limited beliefs”! This special young man’s name is Benjamin Von Wong! A very talented artist who has created from scratch and with absolutely no family background nor his own, a way to make an impact through his exceptionally breathtaking work of art! Benjamin besides his adorable character is extremely intelligent… he sees beneath the surface and beyond the horizon where magic happens!

Benjamin Von Wong born in Canada into a Chinese and Malaysian family went to 13 different schools in 3 different countries! He ended up studying Mining engineering, because it was besides a good pay, a way to travel. So right out of university he was hired as an engineer doing mine planning. In 2007, out of a breakup with his girlfriend, he thought he should buy a camera to take photos of the stars and explore! I asked him why a camera and he said having a camera back then was a way to meet people in parties and like having a companion! Haha cool…never would have thought of that! So what started out as a way to connect with people soon became an extra income covering events and more like an “All-access pass” to happenings.

In 2012, Benjamin Von Wong decided it was time to quit his day job as an engineer and pursue his photography passion. And again in the most amazing way…! He says: I realized that through teaching photography I could travel the world and support myself. Please let me remind you that he is completely self taught! So what started out as organizing workshops around the world, transformed into making an IMPACT! He isn’t a photographer… he told me: I don’t take photos but I make photos! :)

Today and for the past 3,5 years he has transformed his beautiful talent into a cause… He spends many days-weeks with the help of volunteers and professionals, to create an impactful connection with people through his beautiful images. His work transmits painful environmental truths in the most exquisite super imaginative work of art, helping us understand and make a positive change in our lives by doing something!


*Benjamin Von Wong Battles Pollution With a Mermaid and 10,000 Plastic Bottles