Christos Digenopoulos

A successful entrepreneur who goes against the wind… fighting back his rivals with greater quality, excellence, and ethics!

If you were asked what you think is missing from our world, from our everyday transactions, in our communication with everyone, from our personalities and our human existence…what would you answer? How would our world be a better place? Let me answer that for you; wouldn’t our society be a beautiful place if we had more ethics…more honesty and venerability… if we would keep introspecting and elevating ourselves instead of pointing fingers? When we are faced with problems and setbacks we would examine what WE did to attract it and what WE can do to make it better next time…to undertake the responsibility! Well, today I met an entrepreneur with all the above and so much more!

Christos Digenopoulos is an entrepreneur with many beautiful qualities and values; he is all about ethics, honesty and pure connection, one of the few self-made entrepreneurs who strive for excellence and quality in all aspects of his life! And not just for himself but for his family, employees, colleagues, associates, etc.


Sitting with him listening to his beautiful story, I could see the difficulties he has been through. But instead of growing tougher, less ethical and more aggressive as most of us do to self-protect, Christos fights back with honesty, integrity, and passion for quality! And not just for himself and his loved ones but for his country too! Read on and you will understand…

From a young age, he could see himself as a sports champion and so he was for a few years, taking part in the Greek swimming nationals. He has much respect for athletes and sports and their persistence in making it to the top, and naturally a quality he most possesses. But due to a chain of events, he decided to follow his parent’s footsteps and take over together with his brother their then small family business, selling wholesale dairy products. With extremely hard work, working most of the time over 18hours a day, Christos Digenopoulos expanded their family business into a top-quality wholesale company facilitating everything to do with pastry. From a small company of 3, today together with his brother Dimitris Digenopoulos and business partner Dimitris Drakopoulos, they stand strong with 35 employees and with partnerships from worldwide market leaders in France and Italy! He managed to not just pull through the Greek economic crisis but also fighting rivals, and expanding their technology infrastructure!


Today he is working on a new project that will change the pastry sector in Greece and put his country among the top pastry chefs worldwide! You see when you insist on quality, have strong ethics, honesty, and integrity among your top values, people will eventually notice! And not just any people, but the top of the top! He admires and is admired by international top pastry chefs such as Alain Chartier.

Christos Digenopoulos together with the French pastry world champion Alain Chartier are opening a top of the notch pastry academy in Greece where the tutors will be award-winning International Chefs! An academy that will give Greek pastry chefs a chance to be among the “gods of pastry” worldwide!