Christos Panoilias Lagnis

No title can describe this beautiful man...Rapper, Composer, Event Organizer, Marketer, spiritual teacher, Helper – no more space!!!

A lot of you accuse me of “exaggeration” in the way I describe the interviewees! But believe me if you could create some “space” and actually listen and observe each and every person, you could understand that everyone is so beautiful and has much to offer your soul!

I mean how can you not write a book on Christos Panoilias Lagnis? And to make things worse, one page!!! A man who has music playing non-stop in his office, who speaks as if he is in a stand-up comedy or theatrical monologue, who is so smart as if he has three brains working in parallel (1st brain- changing music every 3’ to 5’ while talking- 2nd brain- narrating his story and taking you back and forth through time an insane amount of times 3rd brain- being  conscious of everything going around/picking up his phone and being incredibly creative while talking to me too/picking up the conversation exactly where he stopped with/ talking about many topics at the same time)!!! He is like those movies where the director shows the lives of many different people and blends all together at the end… (Love actually…)… only difference is that he is playing the same actor in every story of the film! :)))

No- matter who you are- what your age is-or your interests, Christos will keep you amazed and engaged with his deep knowledge and experience in an incredibly vast amount of fields. He is a (famous) rapper, composer, salesman, marketer, PR person, event organizer, accountant, studying psychotherapy, life coach, web designer… and my favorite is that he is a REAL, genuine positive connector! Actually my favorite is that he calls himself “a normal person”!

Christos Panoilias Lagnis wrote his first songs at the age of 13, and send them out to record companies and ofcourse they loved it and wanted to sign him! His parents though never let him, believing that they were protecting him. But did that stop him? Nop, as he may not have signed with them but Christos made his own cassettes tapes and sold them on his own and all before 18! 

Getting accepted at the Business University of Piraeus away from his home town, Syros Island, he started rapping away! He organized over 300festivals and concerts and again let me remind you he was 18! Alongside his concerts he was always working at a day job doing almost anything you can imagine; even selling kilometres of timber!!! He also got his MBA and started working for the marketing and PR department of Intersys S.A., the representative of many electronic products in Greece. Naturally he excelled no matter the field and loved by all. One Sunday though he decided to go after his passion; organizing events! Next day he resigned and started established the event organizing company Action Esti. It took him a while to make his company role with great losses and a lot of pain… Organizing the biggest music events in Greece with almost every famous artist you can imagine. And in parallel also performing himself and writing songs and getting the 1st place in the Greek charts many times, but also with millions of followers and YouTube hits!

Let me now tell you who Christos Panoilias Lagnis really is… one of the most genuine, honest, HUGE GIVING and KIND human being. He has organized an incredible number of events for great causes and not just making money but also sponsoring the events himself! He doesn’t care about the goal or money or fame but the human behind the project! A great pleasure and honour to have met the Rapper who reminded me how much I love music!!!

Stay tuned as he together with a super team, are organizing one of the biggest events worldwide…!