COCO-MAT's Wooden Bikes: Nature and Style on two wheels!

Wooden bikes… cool right? Super Eco and super chic! A must for the city for safe and stylish transport…  I actually rode this COCO-MAT Bike for a whole day after almost 15 years! It completely changed my view of bikes as I am more of a fast car person, but it was a totally different experience! I felt open to the world, free and it was a great challenge!

Of course having been away from this “sport” for so many years I must admit a wooden saddle was a big challenge, if you know what I mean! But never the less I felt privileged riding this COCO-MAT Bike!

The people of the COCO-MAT Bike Team are shapers of the world’s most highly engineered wood sustainable bicycles. Made entirely out of oak wood their bicycles emphasize their vision for the future of products engineered by their brand ethos and natural evolution and contribution. All that they do is centred around their pure green and human philosophy, about returning back to the path initially intended by nature and harnessing this in our products and everyday lives; getting outside, doing and seeing more. They like to give back to nature, back to the communities and societies by doing more with less. Their factories have no chimneys. All left over materials re-used for the production of slippers, eye-masks, cotton bags. A complete circular economy. Focused on bringing a refreshing approach to their products, they hope that they can be reflected back into your lifestyle. They are always aiming to inspire and innovate; to be conscious with their impact on the environment and balance performance with sustainability. Let's join this sweet revolution!