Costantino Roselli

An author, entrepreneur, speaker who strives to make an impact through our own genuine stories… a true connector!

Being different is something most people find hard to acknowledge or relate to! They prefer all their life to look and do as the norm or to “fit in”, while missing the bigger picture… Living a life without ever exploring their unique gifts, talents and who they truly are or want to be! Today’s Crikos’ Ambassador is not a man who fits-in nor has he ever; but a man who has carved his own path being and feeling different all his life. His name is Costantino Roselli! A gentleman and kind spirited person who actually besides his obvious looks also gives you the feeling that you are in the presence of a “holy” man! He has soft understanding eyes, a wonderful genuine laugh that makes you feel you are young again!


Half-Greek and half-Italian, Costantinos always felt that the world was very different from him, a world that wanted to push him into boxes whereas he liked to live on the edge! As a teenager he loved to sing and write songs although it was his father who helped him open his horizons, to explore what was back then a fast track to success; Computer science. After receiving his bachelor’s in Computer Science, he decided to come back to Greece, even though the team he was in had received a scholarship to the US for their innovative thesis creation on robotics. He proved himself successful in many ways working his way up in a multinational pharmaceutical company, first in Greece and later in Belgium. He told me a few stories of how it used to be back then, working in an IT department when most of his colleagues didn’t even have emails! And how, as a innovative and solution driven person he kept generating solutions for his company while most were turned down being told that it was not his responsibility! But he was finally heard… you see it’s all about persistence, about showing up and then one day the right person will listen to you, giving wings to your ideas! He was promoted to Associate IT Director helping communicate information and messages through technology, as he so nicely put it. During his time there he met with many marketing gurus and through two lucky incidents he came to realize that there was more to him and it was time to follow a different path… the path of writing and how to put it out there motivating others to make their lives happen! So, he started to write with all his heart and mind and today he is a best-selling Author of the book with the title: Million Dollar Chest!


Costantinos Roselli is also the Co- founder and CEO of Weird Authentic People, a unique Marketing and branding company who helps their clients grow while focusing on their self, their story! Because to him it’s all about human connections and what we stand for. A very inspiring entrepreneur and speaker… he is all about bridging and connecting, breaking down borders and boxes that keep us from growing and transforming! He is also a wonderful family man… his lovely wife and kids were almost in every sentence! :)