Dimitra Pipili

A woman that has brought life to a 123-year-old Hospice for the disabled!

Sometimes without a reason, or at least that’s what we think, our eyes focus on someone and we feel a connection with them… And that’s how I met Dimitra Pipili! I had attended a very beautiful play in an extraordinary hospice in the middle of Athens, and noticed the way Dimitra cared and provided so discreetly for the people and patients watching the play. Dimitra Pipili has a hug heart… very thoughtful, selfless, sensitive, ethical and extremely modest! And modest because it took me some “persuasion” to get her interview, as she insisted for me to interview the president of the hospice, Ioanna Iliadi, who is also fighting to keep the hospice alive!

After many years of working very long hours from a very young age for different industries including publishing and advertising, she felt she needed to change direction… and that’s when she met as she calls “her second family” the Hospice for the disabled! And that’s why I referred to the hospice as extraordinary, because it’s a jewel in centre of an over populated district of central Athens! As you walk in you can feel the love and positive energy surrounding you, full of green and flowers, smiley faces and beautiful buildings from 1893. I didn’t want to leave neither the hospice nor the company of the patients and ofcourse Dimitra’s! And I say the company of the patients, because I felt so much love from them… walking through the corridors, I was sentimental but also so amazed of the love I received…!

Dimitra Pipili is the Hospices PR and sponsorship manager and she is doing a tremendous job… in only two years from the day she arrived she introduced culture and art in the hospice! As many events and performances take place there, that truly are so touching! So incredible the effect on both sides! But also with her help and initiatives she managed to secure a van for the Hospice as some of the patients there had never stepped out of the hospice’s walls due to their disabilities!

She knows each and every patient there and everything about them and is loved by everyone! She always gives a tour to whomever visits the hospice and makes sure you get the chance to feel the love from everyone! And she specifically says “you don’t give anything here… you only receive” and that is exactly how I felt! My visit to the Hospice was a very rich and beautiful experience that I insist for everyone to do so!