Dimitris Alexopoulos

Highly professional, a creative expert producing tailor made events for top brands!

Wouldn’t our world and community be so much better, if we all focused on being the best at what we really loved to do…by being professionals at our own specific profession? When we focus on our own special skills, no doubt we will succeed in finding our own unique and authentic path in whatever we choose to do! As a result we are fulfilled, as well as everyone around us is inspired to follow their own wellbeing. Dimitris Alexopoulos is exactly the professional I vision of seeing more of, in our communities! A man who only focuses on delivering the best for his clients through his and his team’s hard work and creativity! There were several times where he had the opportunity to discuss his competition… and guess what: He only spoke with respect for all. To tell you the truth he didn’t have absolutely anything negative to say! Cause when you love what you do and you are great at it, you always depend on your own creativity and skills! No wonder the event production sector speaks very highly of him and his company, YARD. Dimitris Alexopoulos is a man of exquisite taste and style, extremely low profile and an admirer of authenticity and the genuine. 

He told me: if I remember correctly this year is my 30th year in the Production business! He started by chance working as a “water boy” at one of his friend’s father’s media production company.  After a few years there, he moved to a small advertising company involved in all kinds of media. In no time, Dimitris started a new division in the company heading the production of events for brands, something he loved the most. Soon he managed to take the company from a very small advertising agency to one of the largest Production Companies in Greece with branches in Albania and Bulgaria, and a team of 200 employees! Among undertaking production for many of the most well known brands, they organized various concerts such as George Michael’s.

His expertise and creativity led him in 2008 to start his own company, YARD, together with his co-founder Olga Mavroidi. During a period when the economic crisis had just commenced in Greece and when most of their rivals were in the process of cut downs and bankruptcy!

He and his partner didn’t just survive the huge ongoing crisis, but they also have had till this day a constant client growth plus a strong dedicated team whom they reward with bonuses, where again others in their sector keep cutting wages! Throughout his career, he has received many national and international awards… I walked in their beautiful homey feeling offices and was truly amazed by the number of awards they had!!! Dimitris Alexopoulos besides extremely professional, is super modest; anyone in his position would be bragging out loud… or not? When you have the formula of success written all over you with 30 years of hard work and experience, I guess there is definitely no need to brag…the awards speak on his behalf!