Dimitris Kokkinakis

A caring, sharing entrepreneur with the power to unite!

Dimitris Kokkinakis has a passion for life… he loves to get to the bottom of things and explore opportunities… taking steady and well researched steps he flourishes no matter where he is! His Curiosity for life has travelled him to many places…he says that we can only evolve and elevate when we can exchange, connect and share with all kinds of people! Just by looking in to his eyes you find yourself traveling with him!

Having this passion for travelling and connecting he started working through University in many different jobs just to save up money for travelling! In University he came across Aiesec, the worldwide organization for students to develop leadership and gain business experience globally. 

At Aiesec he gained great experience, knowledge, traveling to more than 20 countries meeting amazing people that shared his passion. Also besides becoming Aiesec’s country manager he managed to take the branch from loss to a surplus receiving an award as the best Aiesec in Europe!

Through one his travels with Aiesec and together with his soul mate and friend Sophie Lambrou, they met with two Founders of the Impact Hub. They were fascinated because the Impact Hub represented their beliefs and all that they wanted in a business and more! Impact Hub is a community of professionals, social entrepreneurs, artists and creative minds that work, collaborate and innovate together, towards creating an ecosystem of sustainable initiatives with the purpose of social change. They are a network of 85 hubs all around the world!

They came back committed to complete their University but to get everything they can out of the courses and their professors in order to implement the knowledge in their Impact Hub business model! And that still didn’t do it! So they both set out separately for internship at Impact Hubs in Vienna and Madrid, gaining hands on experience in the business they wanted to bring back to Greece! From 3 months that they had intended to spent each at the Impact hubs actually turned into 2,5 years, giving them enough knowhow and experience to make the decision of establishing The Impact Hub Athens!

The Impact Hub Athens is a truly amazing place to be! Besides the green, beautiful building and its environment, it is like belonging in a lovely family! It has members from different cultures doing different projects but all fighting for a better world! And you don’t have to have an idea or a business to belong at the Impact Hub… you can meet so many amazing people just by hanging out or attending their truly constructive and innovative free events! And when you are surrounded by beautiful minded and hearted people like the community of the Impact Hub, then it is only a matter of time to come up with your next endeavour or to become a part of an ongoing project and team! As so many entrepreneurs and successful startups have Impact Hub to thank! I Sure do!

And when there is such a strong and positive energy in a neighbourhood like the Impact Hubs, everything and everyone flourishes with them! As the neighbourhood has developed with so many new and successful businesses! Right in the middle of the crises and so many closed businesses in the centre of Athens, Dimitris and his creative team have proved everything is possible!