Dimitris Koutsolioutsos

The successful entrepreneur with passion to help his country!

Greece is alive because of people like Dimitris Koutsolioutsos! Young entrepreneurs that besides the very unfavourable and discouraging circumstances, believe in their country and do everything possible to be a part of a sustainable solution to the ongoing economic crisis!

Dimitris is a low profile entrepreneur with great love for quality in everything… as a young boy he loved cooking and good food and capturing memories through photographs! He says nothing is more valuable than travelling and connecting with people… He is a strong believer in collaboration and is open to help even his competitors!

Coming from a family that have their own business’s he could have stayed under their umbrella and be safe, especially these past few years! But on the contrary, he has worked his way up and wanting to create value for his society and to give a sustainable solution without prior experience nor background in the agricultural sector, he created a platform, for the farmers to be able to sell and have direct communication with their new retail customers! As before they only sold to wholesalers and as a result making almost no profit and only a few could survive the cartel! And fighting against corrupted giants and even the government has been a very tough task… but that hasn’t stopped him whatsoever and each time he finds an innovative way to get past the barriers! Because after all he is very dedicated in fighting for his country’s natural beauties and gifs!

And that’s not all… he is working in parallel on a different project called! A mobile app that will promote Greece and help out with extra income boat and small yacht owners to make use of their boats instead of paying for its storage and maintenance!    

Besides his entrepreneurial activities he is also very concerned with politics… asking him if he would be interested in being actively involved, he says that in order to be a part of the change you need to assist the government and the politicians from the outside… and he does! 

He has had many opportunities to leave Greece as many have done for the past years, but he says that it’s his obligation and others like him to help Greece to get out of this ongoing crisis and for it to start growth!