Dimitris Tselios

An extremely charming life coach who leads by example and will actually share with you his secrets to success!

Sometimes when you sit and observe from a distance you realize the most amazing things about people… you can feel their thoughts through their expressions! I attended one of Dimitris Tselios’s book readings a few weeks back where he started his presentation by showing a compile picture video of his life till now. While the video was playing, he was standing behind the crowd with a huge smile and sometimes laughed with excitement remembering his story! His beautiful humble smile expressing his rough path till his transformation is a moment recorded in my memory and just shows his authentic genuine character! A man who’s limits have been tested many times, turning him into an even stronger, kinder, down to earth and more giving person!


Dimitris Tselios started his career in Marketing. Right after his studies he established Expotech, an event and conference organizing company while later on, introduced new marketing and advertising services, turning his business into a media company. Till 2008 he was living his dream job, but when the economic crisis started unfolding worldwide he was one of the first to foresee the consequences and in no time he closed his business. That’s when his life started turning around… as he calls: the tunnel! He had a very difficult few years, where each year would push him deeper and deeper into the tunnel… Dimitris reached a point where he couldn’t take care of himself nor his family. That is beyond being tough for a family man, to go through a divorce, later having to leave his child and going back to live with his parents and doing any kind of work possible…and all this in his mid 40’s! But as most of us know, we have to hit rock bottom in order to get back up again and this time with a clear vision of our life path! He was introduced to coaching through a dear friend of his, who insisted that he should take part in an international coaching seminar! And he did...and his life changed once more! He says the first day of the seminar he was so shocked and blown away with the amazing knowledge he was introduced to that he came out of the room saying: “I think I have stolen from them…it’s not possible to receive all this know-how with less than 2000euros”! hahaha… he is wonderful!


He then entered the University from where he once more received his coaching certificate. The past 4 years he is working as a life coach and self-development consultant helping many people find their path as well as happiness. He also published his first book, one of the few self-development books by a Greek author, where he reveals his path from before the fall till today. Exactly what he did in details, about how to get right back up and stronger than ever before! Dimitris Tselios has a truly giving-back to his society-kind heart… he is all about being a beacon of hope for the people around him. Together with his clients, he has started a group called “Hopeaholics” were they are like-minded people who have the giving spirit, and every 1,5 months they organize an assistance movement for their society by gathering food and clothing for the refugees or by  cleaning their environment, etc. Dimitris Tselios is a gifted man… full of positive energy and a “anything is possible” attitude that will kick start you in discovering yourself and your strengths!