Dimitris Tsiknis

A young entrepreneur who has a passion for herbs from the age of 5… a man of the Earth!

Some people are born knowing what they love… as if they have a gene on their DNA that will show them the way and unfold as they grow! What else can you say about a 5year young boy who loved everything about herbs and alongside his father would plant his own little herb garden? That young boy didn’t lose his interest in growing his plants but on the contrary today his passion is stronger than ever and his name is Dimitris Tsiknis.
A young passionate entrepreneur and Barista who has always followed his gut feeling, gone against all odds and surpassed the barriers in his path! He looks all tough and macho on the outside but when he smiles you see a sensitive and sentimental side from the inside… a person who has been through a lot of pain yet has managed to keep his passion alive!


His father being a floriculturist, Dimitris always remembers himself growing his own herbs, basils, oregano, mints, etc!! He used to grow them in his little pots and would take care of them only himself! He says his plants were growing faster and healthier than his father’s! But also no matter what his father would advise and told him not to do, he would actually insist on his own special ways and succeed! Remember he was only 5…adorable! And as if growing them weren’t enough he would actually sell them too alongside his father’s flowers. He said: "My plants and herbs would actually sell faster than the rest"…hahaha!

After finishing his school Dimitris decided to study as a chef.  Soon after graduating he realized he wasn’t so interested in cooking and it would take him many years of hard work in order to get a position as a chef. Alongside his studies, he was working as a Barista and floor manager of a famous coffee shop with a great wage and couldn’t see the point in leaving his job for something he didn’t feel passionate enough for! As the economic crisis hit Greece hard in 2012 he found himself jobless and impossible to find another job. So he decided to go after his passion, herbs once more! While he was working as a barista he created his own cold herb tea recipe and managed in the summer period to sell almost the same amount as the coffee sold! Now that is a huge success as in Greece people are used to thinking of tea as a sickness remedy and not as a refreshment drink!

After following many seminars and courses on botanology, Dimitris decided to open his own shop selling superfoods as well as his favorite herbs like tea. While having a great budget for investing in his shop, and as life always gives us curve balls, Dimitris had to give away his savings for his brother’s health issue… very noble of him! But of course that didn’t stop the headstrong Dimitris Tsiknis; he managed to open a smaller shop in a lower cost district and after only 5 months time he was creating good revenue which he still is till this day.


Dimitris Tsiknis greater vision is more than just loving herbs and creating tea mixes… it is to make herb tea a national beverage! Thus creating a “specialty Herb Tea” movement internationally just like there is for coffee… where you will know all about the roots of the cultivator. He knows it’s going to take some time but if anyone can do it, it definitely is Dimitris Tsiknis!