Dimitris Tsingos

An investor and entrepreneur committed to make a difference through collaboration and sharing!

When you meet well-established “positive” entrepreneurs in high places, you just know that things might actually work out after all…! And the wheel is steered in the right direction with the right conditions. Dimitris Tsingos is a very special investor… at least not the kind we are used to! He is open-minded, kind and polite, down to earth and without any hint of “high and mighty” nor arrogance! But a man who wants to make a REAL positive change with collaboration…connection…and sharing!


Dimitris Tsingos started out studying computer science in Crete, in one of the best universities in Greece. He says in his first year in 1998, there weren’t many websites in Greece or let alone e-commerce websites. And through another student and his curiosity, Dimitris was introduced to a world of opportunities through the internet. And in his second year together with 4 of his university colleagues they started a company designing applications and software. While designing software for their clients, for some of the ideas that they believed were viable and were filling a need in the market, they would establish a separate company – startup and would find a project manager to run it individually and they would back it up financially… in other words they were investing in the startups! While back then they didn’t really know the term investment nor startups and that they were actually angel investors with an incubator! In 2004 due to loss of one of their biggest clients, two of the co-founders decided to leave and the other two stayed but as freelancers. So, Dimitris found a way to move forward taking all the weight on his shoulders.

Cutting a long story short, Dimitris Tsingos didn’t just survived the economic crisis, and believe me he was hit hard, but he thrived from it! In 2012, he established an incubator and early stage investment company, Starttech Ventures, helping startups but also providing niche outsourcing services with high-end professionals. From year 2000 where he first started and since then, he has co-founded or been the founding investor of 17 tech companies, with one successful exit (AbZorba Games, 2015) and a scale-up (TalentLMS).


What you should know about Dimitris Tsingos, unlike many super-duper entrepreneurs, he loves to share his knowledge and is committed in doing something about the problems of his society! He has taken part and founded many associations and communities… just an example, he has found the Hellenic Start-up Association or being the President of Yes for Europe – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs from 2010 till 2016 and a board member of EBAN – The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and other Early Stage Market Players as well as one of the “40-under-40” European Young Leaders for 2013. And he is not interested what so ever in the “prestige” of his roles but in doing things that make a difference!