Dionisis Sotovikis

A self-made charismatic artist-designer-architect who builds his work around humans!

I met Dionisis Sotovikis in his office or “workshop” as he calls it… a super stylish and minimal building that from the outside is a work of art and from the inside besides its gorgeous interior design it gave me a homey feeling and I really didn’t want to leave!!! Ofcourse his adorable lovely girl-dog played a very big role as she was the boss there! Even though I can’t say I am a big fan of modern architecture and interior design, Dionisis’s work is completely different; as he has the talent to bring life, positive, warmth and casual to his work and taking into account the human connection! Dionisis is an observer… a man of many angles… kind, emotional, polite, authentic and his eyes have the twinkle… the twinkle of man on mission to serve for his environment and society doing grand things…

Dionisis Sotovikis realised in school his love for art, design and later on architecture… He studied in the UK architecture and came to Greece to get experience working for his father’s construction company… but also took on different projects by himself alongside their family business and he landed his first architecture project, building a private school in less than 8 months! After working for his father for four years and an attempt to work with his brother, he decided to go solo and start his architectural firm literally on his own without any help and with huge loans on his back building his office-workshop! And from 2005 till today Dionisis hasn’t stopped creating, whether small or big he has always put his heart and soul in everything he has done!

One of the projects he is undergoing now is exactly an example of his work, character and his beautiful giving heart! After 8 years of research and persistence, Dionisis and his dedicated team are in charge of reviving the historic and one of a kind residence of a farmer Alexandros Rodakis in Aegina known as “the house of Rodakis”, were it remains a miracle on how a farmer with no education could build such an architecturally beautiful and functional house in 1880! And Dionisis, together with his team, is reviving this monument on his own expenses!!! Dionisis Sotovikis says he is lucky to have lived this economic crisis! The crisis helped him respect and cherish the little things in life and to find beauty in simplicity and not having to spend a ton of money for objects that, surely are beautiful, but there are so many simple resources and materials that serve humanity bringing harmony, peacefulness and freedom…objects that serve us and not we them! After all, a bee’s nest is a work of art and its all made from our earth’s resources!