Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos

A great professor, a true guide and a BEAUTIFUL person!

How many teachers or professors or let’s say mentors have you had that explained something with patience and persistence to you? And didn’t make you feel “stupid” for not understanding? And was accessible? And let’s top that with a smile? Not many, if any at all! Well there is one and he is much more than what you can ever imagine! Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos is a gifted professor… a beautiful soul! I remember him as a college student in University, he was the kindest student who helped everyone with his heart and did everything possible to make sure we understood!!! And he makes everything so simplified and has the talent to explain in simple terms were others would use big words to express their work!

Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos was born to inspire and to teach! He says he remembers when he was a child, instead of being out playing with other kids, he would give his best friend, who had trouble with some classes, extra lessons to pass her tests!

Antonios holds a PhD in Marketing & Communication and an MBA from Athens University of Economics & Business. His academic research was based on nationwide data collection in collaboration with >100 hotels (supported by SETE—Greek Tourism Confederation & regional associations). Merging together the scientific notions of marketing, services, branding, hospitality and tourism, public and cultural diplomacy in an ever-evolving career path. He has many publications on destination branding, market orientation and internal marketing, and fascinating research on hospitality and tourism and how marketing strategies are implemented and passed from management to employees and its final effect on the customers! Today, Antonios is heading the Hotel and Tourism Management Department at Business College of Athens (in collaboration with Plymouth University).

Antonios has always had another talent besides teaching; the gift of writing! Being a traveler and always keeping a record of the “must” places he visited, he was always the person to go to for info among his friends and family! So Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos is also “the Voyager” … He has a very meaningful and beautiful community-website that he shares his thoughts on the 4Ps as he calls: Priceless Places & People Perspectives. He has the talent to mix dreams and passion with pure science!

Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos is how a great professor should be… Intelligent, kind, thoughtful, humble, caring, communicative, patient, respectful, creates a sense of community and belonging, a skilled leader and never stops elevating and learning…