Effie Kyrtata

The voice of passion, a woman of action, giving back to her country and the image it deserves!

We all know what passion means… right? I mean we sure see it and hear people speak about it, but how often can we notice it in the tone of one’s voice? If you haven’t, then you should speak with Effie Kyrtata! Besides her beautiful and strong voice, it’s that dreamy tone that you feel “Tinkerbell” has worked her magic on you, making you feel you can fly…high! And don’t misunderstand me as she is not just flying, but she has both feet on the ground and is all about follow through, taking action and executing her dreams! Effie is a young woman, only 26, but with a very strong sense of responsibility, a powerful cause, sense of belonging, honest and extremely polite!     

Cause and seeing the big picture has been concerning her from her teenage year, as in the period of crucial high school exams she took the initiative to represent her school and country in the Model United Nations! Effie Kyrtata following her father and grandfather’s footsteps, applied for law degree in the UK wanting to get a strong background of structuring her way of thinking. But she knew that she wasn’t going to pursue a carrier in law but instead, in business. She decided to discover a new path by applying for an MBA but only to end up combining all that she loved into a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in London. And her story started from there when at that time Greece was at its peak regarding the economic situation, and she and 4 of her friends couldn’t bear the idea that all the talent was leaving Greece and the image projected abroad was not the right one that Greece and its people deserved! So, they came up after a long period of planning and brainstorming, an idea of showing the great side of Greece by organizing large events with success stories of Greek entrepreneurs who are fighting, right in the middle of the crisis and succeeding! Reload Greece was born after many successful events and conferences to change Greece’s image abroad and to give hope to the Greek people, who were faced with huge challenges.

Today, Reload Greece is a UK based organisation which provides a new generation of entrepreneurs with the guidance, support and means to create ventures with a social or economic impact… to bring back knowledge and hope via sustainable entrepreneurs and venture to their home countries. As their idea started with passion for their country but Effie says that it is a very sustainable model and they believe it will work for all countries that are going through a social and economic crisis!

Effie Kyrtata is a very inspiring and gifted leader… a leader who strongly believes that none of their achievements could have been possible without their team or their volunteers and supporters. She says, and I couldn't agree more, that it’s up to every single one of us to make things happen and to make a change… no matter how small or big and what each person can offer! Let’s be the change we want to see in our lives and communities…