Effie Siaini

Young, Beautiful, Smart and a successful Entrepreneur

Where to start? A woman with so many talents and so many interesting and successful startups in many different sectors… Effie Siaini is a very successful architect, entrepreneur and founder of,,, tennis club, clinic and so many more and even more to come as she is only in her 30ies!

She hits you with her confidence and her thirst for new ventures! She believes that you have to be a leader in order to be an entrepreneur! So true…

But what she says is that you can develop leadership and not be born with it! She tells us that there are two categories under leadership… 1- Motivation and 2- communication!

And quite a big list of tools that you need to develop as a leader to be able to successfully start and run a startup! Such as patience and persistence… “every startup is exciting in the beginning but as time passes problems kick-in and by being patient and persistence you can keep going forward”.

She believes you have to be honest and trustworthy, have the ability to listen, to praise and support your team, be positive, be able to connect to people “who you know is the key to success” …

To tell you the truth everything she said was down to the point and of high importance but what I liked the most, actually two quotes I would like to keep and live by are:


Keep it simple


Tomorrow will be a better day