Eleftheria Zourou

A fearless entrepreneur that is changing the medical sector for the better!

It is always admirable to hear stories of people who had it all but made a drastic career change to find the meaning of life starting from square one! Eleftheria Zourou is one of them… She led a life of luxury and status, having worked very hard to achieve it! She has worked in key positions in large multinational companies in their marketing departments, drove the “right” car, wore the “right” clothes and socialised with the “right” people in “right” places!

Wondering if that was how it was going to be for the rest of her life and having had enough of the materialistic lifestyle that we are led to believe is the purpose of life, and wanting to do something meaningful that would make her feel she was giving back to her society, she thought of the platform for finding doctors and clinics and closing appointments anytime, called The most important part of this successful platform is that the doctors are reviewed by their patients! And that is a breakthrough!

It sounds easier than done! It is already a tough decision to leave all your comforts and your good paying career behind to start all over in a sector that is very difficult to survive in if an outsider like Eleftheria, but it is even harder to pursue your dream and idea when everyone in your circle serves you with negative remarks and even your closest friends and family believe you are doing the wrong thing!

It needs a lot of guts, persistence and patience, and Eleftheria has it all! Of course she had a little help from Gandhi… She read everyday one of his very precious quotes: First they ignore you, Then they laugh at you, Then they fight you, THEN YOU WIN! She hasn’t just won but has changed the medical sector in Greece in only 3 years! With over 3.000 registered doctors, 300.000 users monthly and over 10.000 scheduled appointments!

Eleftheria has a beautiful heart! She loves to help and that fulfils her… She says when she was young and in school, the other kids and teachers would call her “the mother of her school”! She is just, creative and ambitious, she has the talent and skill to know what others want and feel, honest and authentic… What you see is what you get with her!

She says if you want to pursue your dream and startup, you should keep in mind that you will have to forget any kind of comfort or lifestyle and know that you will be slapped over and over! But it’s definitely worth every minute for Eleftheria Zourou!