Elias Koumpounis

A man with the gift of laughter!

Elias Koumpounis is the person you want to talk to when you are feeling down... he has a natural laughter that no matter what you are going through it will cheer you up and you will find yourself laughing with him! He says he has always had it and he never could have imagined that this natural gift of his can actually be his passion and career!

But let’s start from the beginning… Elias having studied journalism he went through many years of working in different publications and exhibitions. After a few years he got involved with holistic approaches and discovered a world he could relate with… but still not knowing what to do he was introduced to an opportunity of buyout a magazine specializing in beauty, with the vision to mix his new passion in it. But after a few years he realised that he was done with this sector and due to many difficulties and the crisis he had to close his business and move on!

He went through a very tough period not having any resources nor any clue in what his next steps would be! And as most of us know, this is the best period of creativity and clarity in finding your true path…

Through different paths and participating in a theatrical group of people he came across “laughter yoga” …! A practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter. Laughter yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter.

He has taken it a step further and turned it into an Academy for Laughter Wellness, where besides seminars, group and one on one therapies, he teaches this method to others! He has already shared his knowledge with over a dozen people and certified them as coaches of laughter wellness in Greece and Cyprus.

Stay tuned as he is making new synergies and projects that will change our life for the better!