Elisavet Georgiou

A Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Career Coach and a Mentor helping us to feel… WHOLE through self love in our life, business and society!

Do you remember yourself as a child what you wanted to do when you grew up? I remember most boys would usually either say astronaut, fireman or policeman, whereas girls would mostly select painter, scientist or a singer…right? One thing is for sure, probably almost NONE of us said a specific type of profession like: I WANT TO BE A “Distinguished Social Psychologist”…! Except for Elisavet Georgiou who had been saying that since junior high non stop till she did become exactly that :)!!! Incredible! Seriously, not just any psychologist BUT a DISTINGUISHED?! Nothing about her is a cliché or “standard” nor has she let anything to chance; from teaching alongside her school psychology teacher in high school, or taking a bus (a 127km ride) from her hometown to Athens 16 years old, to make sure she wanted to be a Psychologist by checking out the Undergraduate Curriculum of her future University! Or even writing articles for newspapers on social issues again at 14 years old! I asked her who was a Psychologist in her family, the answer was: No one! But she said that while growing up her parents would always have people over where she listened to them while discussing their family problems, and that was what made her want to be able to help people live better and happier lives.

Elisavet Georgiou was accepted to the University she wanted. Back then most psychologist jobs were for clinical patients, something she didn’t want. It was through a friend that she was introduced to Organizational Psychology which intrigued her. What started at ICAP as an internship soon led to her employment in the HR department where she ended up working for over 3 years. She says that she felt lucky in finding jobs fast & easy in her life, but I doubt that is called luck when in every aspect of her life she has been super organized and determined in achieving her goals. She was also a consultant for many years at KPMG and later as the manager of the professional re-placement department.

While working at the consulting firm, she lacked creativity and human connection. Again when there is a problem or issue, Elisavet will undoubtedly find a solution! So in 2006, she decided to work in her home town as a psychologist. In 2010 she left KPMG and started Be-yourself, to pursue her personal dream! Today at Be-yourself she works through a holistic approach dedicated to helping teenagers, adults, companies etc. in finding their own path and being a whole while living a happier life. Elisavet Georgiou is a career coach, psychologist, psychotherapist and a mentor. And through her practice, she helps patients as well as business clients to be more authentic and to establish a balanced relationship with themselves, in relation to society and their work. Elisavet Georgiou has a strong, giving back to society side… She has been volunteering in a large number of  NGO projects, as well as creating groups in order to help people get back on their feet and be positive through their life.

What I most cherished about her is how much gratitude she shows for everyone that has come her way… Her message to us is to have FAITH in our dreams, LOVE to light our path, and  HOPE not to give up on the way and then, when we are ready things will just flow without any struggle.