Eva Epitropaki - Vera Papangelopoulou

The devoted Jamjar founders!

What unites two friends from college with different majors and different characters, working in different jobs? jamjar: Their vision to help designers who are passionate about their work but need the extra push and help to test their product in the market and find customers! Were without jamjar they would still be selling to their friends and family and in most cases never see the light of success!

Eva Epitropaki and Vera Papangelopoulou are two entrepreneurs with extra passion and will power who followed their dream on their own! Bringing no excuses in not having the money to start… with steady and calculated steps and with their own small personal savings they have managed after only 3-4 years to have a successful platform of 180 shops and being powered by a strong investor, skroutz, that believed in their passion and their WILL to make out of a simple idea, a strong online platform with super authentic and chick products such as apparel, footwear, accessories, jewellery, kids wear, house goods, everything to do with christening and weddings etc.

And their secret to success is the whole package they offer when you are invited in jamjar… and I say invited because when you apply to jamjar and in order to have your online space inside the community you go through an elite screening and not everyone is approved! Since they make sure that their members are passionate about their work and that their products are unique and furthermore they make sure that each and every member will make sales and succeed! A win-win situation for both parties!

Talking with them, I understood their agony and patience till this day… they say that when you are following your dream, work never stops! You make it your number one priority to strive for the best and even when all seems good and on track there is always room for improvement! Both of them are creative in their department… they say that in most cases Eva plays the bad cop and Vera the good cop! If you ask me I would say they are both super fun to be around with big beautiful hearts!


Their advice to young entrepreneurs is that the road is tough… you need to test yourself/team and idea enough to know for sure that this is your dream! Your will-power is what will push you up to success and your patience will get you through the rainy days!