Evita Koutsopoulou

Perseverance is the key to success… learn from a woman who wouldn’t get no for an answer!

Most people live a life of almost zero challenge and no drive or passion…a small percentage have passion and drive but will stop at the first obstacle they face…an even fewer percentage of people will keep going and overcoming more barriers but at some point they will stop trying, believing that “it was just not meant to be” or that the “Universe” is giving them a message; to stop! But there among us, very few who didn’t stop until they succeeded and achieved their goals… Evita is one of those few people! A beautiful, extra funny, genuine, a devoted entrepreneur who is passionate about details, quality and giving her customers the “space” to be themselves!


Even though very creative, as she used to collect cook books and vintage interior design magazines as long as she can remember, Evita studied law in the UK. She says back then the trend was either to study law or medicine or banking! Right out of University where she received her Master’s, she got a job at one of the three largest brokerage firms, but also helped her husband to get accepted there also. Having worked for 10 years for the firm, Evita being also pregnant she felt that her life in the fast lane had to end and she needed to do something more creative. Alex Canvin, her husband, was always very keen on leaving the UK to start a life in Greece and Evita having kept it off for so many years, she felt it was the time to leave their “safe and comfortable” life and come to her home country right in the middle of the economic crisis! And it took them 2 years to permanently move to Athens. And having all that creativity and their love for finding beautiful places everywhere they went, they decided to open a coffee/bistro that would mix all they loved together; great service, great taste, great atmosphere and unique experience.

They started building their dream coffee shop with every corner made with love… and having all the required papers and the pre-pre-approval from many public organizations, they were told by the municipality that their application for opening their place was denied!!! And as I also asked her, you might say, shouldn’t they have waited till the application was approved? Well, by law you must have everything ready for them to even consider your application! And when I mean everything was ready, I mean everything! Despite everyone telling them to just give up and accept it and even though there were many moments that they also felt enough is enough, Evita and Alex and after 2 whole years of persistence and 2 more denied applications, they managed to open their beautiful and unique place in 2016! In fact many people in the municipality who had denied them, turned 180 degrees and did everything possible to help them open their Different Beast!


Different Beast, their “place”, and I call it place as it’s space like no other… you feel so comfortable and so much at home… and not any home but your dream house! With every corner made with beautiful details, polite and lovely service, lovely Taf coffee, delicious and healthy recipes beautifully presented…! When you walk at the door you feel free from all the judging, free from pretending… you feel the real you!