George Anagnostopoulos

The resourceful entrepreneur who sees the BIG PICTURE from 1st grade!

How can you write less than a page for a person who has started his entrepreneurial life from the age of 6? Yeah you read it right… from 6 years old! George Anagnostopoulos has always had the seed of entrepreneurship in him… he has that zeal and that constant restlessness of innovating, creating and making good to great! He is extremely smart… he has those mysterious eyes that show he’s thinking on so many levels while speaking to you or listening to you… you know how Scrooge McDuck sees everything in dollars… well George sees opportunities! He is simple and chill on the outside but in the inside a non-stop thinker and dreamer… extremely funny and down to earth and most of all accessible to his employees and everyone in his environment…

Started reading before other kids, he had a love for comics… but his pocket money wasn’t enough to get more than what his parents already got him, so he found a guy who exchanged 3 comics for 1! Having the business seed in him, he thought to himself: “why can’t I do this? If he can sell, I can too…”! Every Monday there was a fruit street market in front of his house and he came up with the idea to sell his older comics there using crates to build a small counter… shouting: “here are the best comics”!!!!!! At the age of 6-7!

From arriving the first day in the UK for his studies but not having brought with him the right equipment and using curtains to sleep for two nights till he could buy proper duvets due to closed shops… to learning programming in 72hours straight without any sleep because he said yes to a job that needed programming, George Anagnostopoulos has always moved mountains to get what he wants…. Everything is a challenge and everything is possible with George! The stories are long and I only have less than a page…. So to cut a very fascinating long story short, George is now the CEO of Socialab. A very successful and innovative digital marketing and advertising agency that provides strategy, education, branding and performance…. As they say: they are busy bees creating buzz and delivering results!

His motto is that he can do better… and he does! He has always found a unique and innovative way in going about everything he does and with great sense of humor (didn’t stop laughing the whole hour I was interviewing him!!!) He also loves to write and is a blogger at heart… you can read his super amazing stories at his blog with the name George is your Man! And he is… a man of his words!