Georgia Papadionisiou

A delicious, caring and loving MOM & Food Blogger!

Georgia Papadionisiou is a woman who gives you a homey feeling… she is MOM… the real meaning of a mom! A mom that you want to run to when you are tiered, when you are feeling down, when you are sick, when you want a favour…. And most of all a mom that when you finished school, you would run home and open the door to smell the delicious food she had prepared with love for you! And that is exactly who Georgia is! She has a big heart for everyone… She says: “my favourite thing is when my friends call me last minute and they want to come over for coffee… and I tell them, coffee? I only serve food in this house!!! So who is Georgia? A full time mom, a woman who loves cooking (and I write this because she says she is not a chef…) and a food blogger!

But Georgia Papadionisiou wasn’t always a food blogger nor a full time mom… She worked in parallel with her studies to pay on her own for her private college education from the age of 18. In one of her jobs, working as a secretary for a stock trading company she was fascinated… So after a few months she told her boss: “you either teach me and let me trade or I walk”!!! So she became a successful trader! She was the first person in Greece to receive a trading certificate from Frankfurt and traded in the stock exchange of Frankfurt! That’s when she met her husband and had her first child… but trading and having a family wasn’t something she could handle duo to its long hours and competitive environment. So she completely stopped her career to be a devoted mother and wife!

After a few years of perfecting her role as a housewife and a lovely mother she needed something to be creative and to stand on her feet! So loving cooking for her family and friends she started writing on different websites her simple and delicious recipes… And when you do anything with love and passion it always pays off! Today Georgia has a lovely and successful sponsored food blog, where she presents food with a story and easy to make recipes for moms, called Mamatsita! And she is super loved by her thousands of followers!

Georgia is a true inspiration for every mom and every woman… She said something that truly touched my heart… “cooking is nurturing and caring… it is like giving love!”