Handmade luxury shoes made with love lust for women…

The predominant characteristics of the collection are clean austere lines and geometrical patterns which are further enhanced by intense coloring and usually combined with dual tomes or trichromes thus creating an au courant relevant to the seasonal style and trends result, ensuring a classic non ephemeral effect. Frequently the designs are characterized by pastel coloring and quieter lines in order to amplify design details. 

The high-end handcrafted shoes are handmade from luxury Italian leathers and materials are already celebrated for being comfortable and anatomical.

My purpose is to explore the intimate relationship women have with their shoes examining the psychology behind it. I am the creator and the servant of desires and needs of people. I would like to see myself as the one who communicates with people through design on the front line. My vision is for my shoes to act like a mirror; to reflect women’s desires.