Haris Giakoumatos

An Athlete, Model, Businessman, Coach, a Father with a vision to positively shape the future of children!

Have I told you before how honoured I feel talking and listening to all the Crikos people? It is such a huge boost of positivity, motivation and gratitude that keeps me going! Today I met a wonderful man… a beautiful man inside out…Haris Giakoumatos! An athlete, coach, businessman, model, a father, a human with a spirit of a young romantic visionary who is all about changing his community.

He gives you the feeling of a beautiful romantic motivating movie you keep watching on Sundays and find yourself smiling, filling your batteries, knowing that there is always a way to follow your heart and a feeling of YES I WILL! Haris has a super smile, a soothing voice, genuine kindness, a trusting heart and spirit that makes you want to pour a glass of wine, as well as to pour out your heart to him!

Haris started swimming at 8, not something he really enjoyed but hanging out and being with his friends in his swimming sessions was rewarding. As a teenager he started playing Water Polo and participated in many national games, and while getting ready for their international league Games, due to stress and other issues, he pulled out and stopped playing Water Polo altogether! But he found coaching a whole different story! For 7 years he was coaching junior and adult Water Polo teams. And just before he found his coaching career, and being extremely handsome as you can see for yourself, he started modeling and taking parts in ads and movies up till this day! His coaching career in Water Polo lasted for 7 years and wanting to build his own business, he started in the café-bar sector; a business he knew nothing about and a business that is considered very difficult to get in! And very successfully, as today he has two beautiful all day café-bars in Halandri, Athens.

Thinking I had heard all his story he pulled a last card on me and blew my mind…! When he pulled out of the games at 19, he started doing his self-searching, trying to understand the reason behind his talents and gifs and what was his ultimate goal in life! And he came up with giving and sharing love and especially to children. So what is this beautiful person’s vision? Haris Giakoumatos believes in children and their power to shape our world, so he is working on bringing to life a special orphanage that will help kids be great at what they love, through sports! Something like a school for kids with special gifts!

So if you didn’t understand it already, he is doing everything he does to support his greater beautiful vision! And as if all he does isn’t too much already, for the past 3 years he has started coaching football, finding ways to get closer to his vision! He says:

Life is like a big bag of experiences… the more experience you gain, the bigger and more beautiful life you live!

I sat in one of his very beautiful coffee shops, Butterfly all day, and he warmly greeted everyone who came in and they all had beautiful big smiles seeing him! I mean how many coffee-bar owners do you know and how many of them greet you? That is who Haris Giakoumatos is; a man sharing LOVE all around!