Harry Zervos

A Dj… rocker… radio producer… a passionate entrepreneur and a marketer!

I love it when I prove myself wrong, each time I judge someone by their outer look, job etc.! Harry Zervos is one of those examples… a born rocker with a long black beard, I was expecting to talk to a tough guy, who on top of that he was most probably going to be difficult to talk with… WRONG! Harry is a gentleman with manners, funny, creative, passionate, focused, persistent and a perfectionist… a man who doesn’t give up pursuing his dream no matter how many times he is faced with a barrier! And one thing that stands out about him is that he will definitely TALK his way through!

Music was always in his blood… in his first year in university, Harry without any experience as a Dj (just playing music with his friends) walked in a bar and asked the manager to hire him as their Dj! It took him a few hours to get the hang of using the equipment but, after that he felt right at home! The people loved him and his choice of music! He was quite the name in that town, and quite popular… as he was asked for many time by one of the oldest radio stations to work as a radio producer! After having refused a couple of times, Harry thought he should give it a try, ofcourse again he had absolutely no experience! I guess its fate… you can’t fight fate! Harry Zervos started with a hobby and a 25 cd case and today has over 700 music CD’s with him, as he is the old fashioned kind and refuses to use the internet for music! And being a Dj and having played in many top places, this isn’t his day job! He is the area and sales manager of a large oil company managing a turnover of over 95 million euros!

Having worked as a radio producer for top radio FM stations, Harry wanted to produce his own program and designing it as he wanted! So he started his own radio show called 2 Smoking Barrels… His story is so very long, as he had to take his show to so many different internet stations as they had to close or move… And each time he had to do all the designs and advertising, over again to adjust it! And ofcourse all this has been funded by himself! Now this is called “passion”! 2 Smoking Barrels is THE show for underground and Rock music… They interview a band in each and every show, and host live concerts on air!

Harry Zervos is an entrepreneur with great persistence and will… he has managed to make a brand name in the music industry and has sponsors who have been with him, believe in him and his work for many years… but also followers who have been with him no matter when or from where he is airing… knowing that through him and 2smokingbarrels they will have access to their favourite band, learning everything there is to know about them and living the experience, as every interview and live session is captured on video and posted on their website! Stay tuned for their new season start…