Hershey's: The chocolate with a cause!

I first tried my first Hershey chocolate in Canada at the age of 19, when I had gone for a business trip… I think it was love at first sight!!! And reading about how Hershey’s started and about its amazing philanthropist founder, Milton Hershey, it gave it an even yummier taste!

Most people don't realize that over a hundred years ago, chocolate was luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy. That is until Milton Hershey built a chocolate factory and began mass-producing milk chocolate-thus making it affordable for everyone! The Hershey Company started with one man’s passion for making delicious treats that made people smile.

Hoping to give his workers a better quality of life in the country, Milton designed, fostered and helped build a model town complete with trolley systems, houses, schools, swimming pools and even a zoo! This is the town that later became known as Hershey, PA.

Long before Milton Hershey passed away in 1945, he entrusted his entire wealth to care for the company, town and charitable schools and institutions. Thanks to good direction Milton's legacy has prospered, and his philanthropic endeavors have educated and mentored thousands of young men and women.

He was and will always be a true inspiration to everyone!