Iliada Kothra

A woman with a global vision to promote people with passion and talent!

Iliada Kothra’s passion is to help and promote talented people with love for what they do! She is like a mother who supports her children to grow and to stand on their feet… her clients depend on her and know that with her by their side, they can only move forward… She has a kind face with a constant smile, she loves details and has very high values in everything she does… she has the talent to admire beauty without boarders as she is strong believer in human connection and unity!

I met her in a hotel that she had picked for the interview, a very beautiful hotel in the centre of Athens, overlooking from its roof garden the Acropolis and from the other side the lycabettus hill… As she was telling me her story, she must have admired the view more than 5 times and took a couple of pictures that truly expressed her romantic and delicate heart. She says how can one be sad or miserable when there are so many beautiful things and place all around us… 

In 2012, Iliada started her platform,, out of the need to change the worlds perspective of Greece and to show the world that Greece has infinite beauties and talented people with passion and style in everything they do! She has an eye for authenticity and each time she tells a story or presents a talented artist, she connects with them from her heart and presents their story with love and passion! And her platform actually represents perfectly the name, as when you are browsing you feel the energy and its liveliness, full of colours and beautiful pictures and so many different stories! Living-postcards today has over 3000 startups primarily comprised of exquisite hospitality venues, emerging musicians and artists, fashion and jewellery designers, producers of organic gastronomic and cosmetic products all born from the rich bounty and nature of Greece.

The most beautiful part is her global vision and her passion to support young entrepreneurs to stand on their feet these difficult times…  Her goal is to inspire others dare to pursue their talents and dreams by reading other beautiful stories in living-postcards!