Ilias Manikas

A visionary entrepreneur who is making CACTUS into PASTA!

Ilias Manikas is one of those people we hardly see any more… A gentleman with old fashion manners… who pulls up a chair for you, lets you pass in front, keeps the title and addresses you in plural… polite! I must have asked him more than a couple of times to speak to me in singular and I am not sure he did at the end!

Ilias is a hard working entrepreneur, setting goals from a young age and achieving them. He doesn’t stop and breath in his success, as he has already set a new goal and is working to achieve it! He has worked in many kinds of jobs from a young age in parallel with his studies, one being a B2B sales manager in a large industrial company. And here comes his entrepreneurial spirit… wondering what he could do with all the prickly pear cactus all over the islands and south of Greece, he first thought of making use of the fruit (you know it’s that thousands of super tiny thorns all over the lovely coloured fruit, that if you don’t know how to cut it you will be sorry!!!), but after a thorough research he realised that there were already many companies making products from the fruit, so he moved on to the leaves!!! So he came up with using the leaves in making pet food… again after market research he decided to abandon the idea. Until together with his partner (his cousin) sitting in a café, he proposed making pasta from the leaves! Spinoso is a worldwide patent owned by Ilias Manikas and his partner! Pasta from a cactus! Ofcourse it took them 3 years to test and make the best possible quality product with great and useful nutritions! Spinoso pasta isn’t just yummi, innovative and super healthy, as its recommended by nutritionists for diabetic’s and people with high blood pressure, it also has chic packaging!

Ilias Manikas is a man with vision and a mission for excellence… he says he could have just made Spinoso in its simplest form and not the quality product that it is now, to make money fast! But that’s not who Ilias is… He is an entrepreneur with foresight… an entrepreneur who believes in quality and not quantity, he is low profile and prides in being authentic! That’s something we need again in our lives to get back in touch with our routs! Make sure to contact them and purchase their pasta and support their dream!