Ilias Tsagklis

An entrepreneur who makes programmers lives easier by providing free education!

You hardly come across young men in their thirties that have gentleman manners… meaning opening doors, let you sit and walk first… yes I am old fashioned! And so is Ilias Tsagklis! Even though he has a strong technical background and is a programmer, Ilias has natural business and marketing skills that win you over… He is a perfectionist, a visionary tech-entrepreneur, hardworking and what is striking about him is his love and passion for reading and knowledge!!! Nothing can stop Ilias, as he always finds his way through education and constant reading… He says: imagine how many books there are out there… shouldn’t we read it all?!

A straight A student in school, Ilias got in to the National Technical University of Athens and started his career in large corporation right after. He admits that even though he was very good at what he had learned academically, it was very different to the role he had in the company… but being a book person, he found his way through extensive reading and research and soon enough became an expert and as he says, he got the label “go to Ilias for help”! Wanting to share with other developers and programmers his knowledge and expertise, he and one of his colleagues started as a hobby! And after a few years he and his partner left their day job to devote themselves full time to what was starting to take form and substantial presence internationally! JCGs (Java Code Geeks) is an independent online community focused on creating the ultimate Java to Java developers resource centre and its free! Today their educational platform has over 1,5 million visitors monthly who find information and solution to their problems!

His vision is to create free educational platforms and accessible to all for everything to do with coding and online presence! And that is who he is, a hub of information and protection for his friends and family… He is also involved in many young startups and ideas… if you want any technical and coding information or where to look for it, I am sure Ilias Tsagklis will show you the way…