Ioannis Kampouris

A passionate restless entrepreneur, author, teacher, mentor and a family man producing the most expensive olive oil in the world!

When they say, Greeks are hospitable and they make you feel right at home, they are surly talking about Ioannis Kampouris! I walked in their very positive and green offices feeling homey and was welcomed by Ioannis with a beautiful smile, a cappuccino and a fresh orange juice waiting for me on the table as he didn’t know what I preferred! Seriously who does that?! Ioannis Kampouris is a man of great taste and style, high quality in everything he does, speaks with facts and has great knowledge, he is open to ideas and a great listener… What I most enjoyed while listening to his beautiful story was his passion in delivering perfection in everything he does and ofcourse his extra charming smile!

Born in Imvros, Turkey in a Greek family, he was a minority and even though he says he had difficult times and painful memories, he has a mysterious and delicate soul that defies him when he remembers… you can almost feel his pain but you can also understand that he is where he is because of it… a restless and successful entrepreneur, teacher, author of many books, mentor, and a conscious family man who cares! He finished high school in Turkey and came back to Greece having been accepted in the faculty of philosophy in the University of Athens in a very difficult situation, feeling alone and not knowing where he belonged! But nothing could stop Ioannis from achieving his goals, as he did all the jobs you can imagine from selling flowers and sandwiches on the street to working in the production line of factory! Being extra committed to succeed, Ioannis together with 3 of his closest friends, opened extra curriculum private schools that till today are one of the best! He showed me their student impression book and to tell you the truth I was amazed by the things they wrote and mostly the length of each review… the smallest review being one page!!! Having built a name and a success story already, Ioannis felt that he need to do more, whereas others in his position would have just laid back! Having childhood memories around nature, Ioannis Kampouris with his friends started a very exclusive olive oil line with exports around the world! They already produced olive oil for their friends and family, but in 2013 the decided that it was a challenge to give the Greek olive oil the right name and fame it deserved! So they produced an extra virgin olive oil with edible gold flakes both with high antioxidant and anti-aging value that is known as the most expensive olive oil in the world and very respected!

E-La-Won as a word stands for olive oil in Linear B’ language (1400 BC) and its packaging and heritage is from the ancient world of Mycenae. They have many awards for its quality and packaging which by the is extra beautiful and stylish! They have also started a fantastic line of honey which again is super high quality.

When you first hear and meet Ioannis Kampouris you get the feeling of his sophistication and high quality taste in everything… I must share with you what made me respect him a step further… I noticed his hands and you know what they say about understanding one by their hands! Even though he had a great manicure, it was obvious the hard work he has put into achieving his dreams…