Ioannis Tabaris

From waiting tables and being a police officer to a successful producer/ entrepreneur… Sweeter than honey!

How can you not adore two big blue eyes and a huge smile…a man that has a spirit and eagerness of a young boy, who keeps trying and exploring? I sat in front of Ioannis Tabaris, a dreamer, who dared to leave his comfort zone for creativity and dreaming! An entrepreneur with no absolute experience in business and entrepreneurship till the day he just decided to go for it! Leaving a secure job as a state police municipality officer for producing a healthy product making our life sweeter; Honey!

Ioannis Tabaris started out as a waiter for many year and as he says, it helped hip develop his people skills. As I would say a smile like his isn’t something you pick on the way but something you are born with, as he really makes your day just by smiling! In 2009, he was appointed in his municipality as a police officer and through his time there, he and his wife attended a friend’s beehives and as he says they were enchanted! Usually most of us, when we see beehives we tend to run!!! But not this couple! So they learned everything there is to know about bees and their fascinating gift, honey, and in 2014 they established their lovely brand in looks and taste, Chrisomelo! Of course, as most entrepreneurs are faced with family and friends always discouraging and inserting their fears in them, Ioannis and his wife took a leap of faith and invested all their savings in a product that they love and believe in! Today, after 2 years they are a huge success, besides their products being sold nationally they are exporting to 15 countries in 3 continents! But let me not be misunderstood as for them to be here today, they had and still have many stories to tell while many of us would have given up trying… As when one works with nature, one must be prepared for many setbacks, and weather conditions being the biggest of all...or sometimes something as small as being bit by bees every day!!!

Ioannis is a very kind and polite man with love for his country and community… he believes in collaboration and does everything possible to help his fellow producers and really anyone who he can! Hides nothing and shares everything…he gave me a quick seminar in many useful facts about the extremely sophisticated honeybee and how useful their poison is! If you see a person poking a bee hive… that would be me getting some poison! ;)