Isidora Karadimitriou

A passionate sales trainer-coach who believes sales is a

Isidora Karadimitriou is a woman of many virtues! But if I were to describe her in one word, it would be “Mother”! The authentic meaning of a mother… you feel at home just by being at her presence, you feel inspired by her extra positive attitude and the way she sees an opportunity in every problem she faces, how she gives you wings and motivates you to fly but with a hand right behind you in case you need her! I found myself giving her my interview and if that was not enough, she must have proposed more than a couple of great heart felt solutions to help me out on some milestones I am going through!!

Isidora started working right out of school and alongside her career, she invested in herself and got her MBA. She is very determined and dedicated in everything she does! Her life is sales! She says everything we do is sales… every relationship, whether personal or professional, is sales! But Isidora is not the ordinary sales executive, even though she has always been exceptional in her career and is loved by all her colleagues and teams, she has that true caring and understanding character that you just can’t get enough of her! After many years of working and training sales teams in many multinational companies, Isidora felt there was something missing… She felt that the training courses were stuck in the past and she could make a difference! And so she did! She established her business, ReFrame, where she has introduces neuroscience into her sales seminars making breakthrough results with her audience, whom all love her! Her training seminars are super fun and inspiring, very different than the ones we are used to and are so bored to attend to!

She says sales is like tango to her… it is about feeling safe and making your partner feel safe as you lead them ahead. Isidora Karadimitriou is woman who has proved everything is possible, even for a mother! As she runs her business, trains others, inspires and gives together with her husband the best possible environment for their two young daughters, and at the same time is training and educating herself constantly to lead her team, as she is getting her PhD also! She is unique… nor black nor white… She is RED!