John Aslanis

An entrepreneur who has been through hell and back finding his path!

I have always wondered why some of us must go through so much to find our true path… where others are born right in to their life path! So, who is really the lucky one? People who rise and fall many times or people who live their life easier? Well John Aslanis is a man who has been though a lot to get here… John is a fighter and doesn’t give up no matter how hard the road might get! And his super skill is that he knows when to end it and start fresh, as it needs a lot of courage and guts to admit that it is not going well and to close the chapter!

John Aslanis at the age of 20 finishing his military obligations and his studies as an electrician and stepped right in their family business working alongside with his father… believing it was the safest, easiest and a sure road to a fruitful life! But little did he know then that it was far from the truth! A few years after they discovered that his father was diagnosed with a rare but very lethal form of cancer and thus taking over the business on his own and carrying a very heavy load on his shoulders. John managed successfully to manage the shop and open a second one but duo to a relapse of his father’s health he closed one of their shops. As if that wasn’t enough having to deal with his father’s sickness he also was faced with the economic crises that had started to appear in the Greek market. A few years later, his father lost the fight and john was devastated and left with no hope. But john was and is a fighter so he tried to find a need in the market regarding coffee machines since it was something he knew well. So, he designed a patent for the cold and hot coffee machines and he tried to sell it and make a business out of it! But as I stated in the beginning of his story, some people must go through “hell” to survive and come out as winners, and as a result he decided it wasn’t going anywhere and so, he moved on.

John Aslanis tried several jobs as a consultant and strategist but only to realize that it wasn’t for him… Until in 2015 he found again a need in the market of exporting olive oil! Without knowing anything about the market, he designed a platform for everyone outside of Greece to choose their bottles, their logo and packaging and the type of olive oil and get it at their door! In only 45 days he sold 180 tons of olive oil!!! He soon realized that exports are the key to all Greek products and there was a huge market.

So today with a team of experts and his partner John Doxaras, the founder and CEO of Warply, they have a unique and extremely useful platform for exports called, Exports Manager. An end-to-end platform that provides exporters incubation and consulting services. Also, providing online tools to sell to buyers fresh, packaged food, beverages and agricultural products. But also, freight forwarding services and insurance of the goods and exporters transactions and automated paying systems, all via their marketplace.

I am actually telling you half his story as it cannot fit in one page! John Aslanis has truly the guts, patience and he is one hell of a persistent entrepreneur! He has a strategic and concrete way of thinking, means what he says following things through till the last detail! And he has no time to waste pursuing his goals and dreams! I would advise you to really get to know him and to get inspired by his drive and passion to succeed…