Kaity Samartzi

From a tough successful business woman to a Spiritual healer!

I always used to wonder if it was “better” to know your destination from the beginning or to find it after having been on many different journeys… Would it have saved me anything? Would it have made a difference if I knew what I wanted to do earlier? Or wouldn’t I have been the person I am today if I hadn’t been through all the challenges? The answer to all these questions is only one; to have faith in myself, my journey and the timing! At least our today’s lovely lady, Kaity Samartzi, will help you have faith in yourself and your path! A woman who has been through much… being the “protector, provider and supporter” of her family and the people in her life, she stands in front of you like a mountain of power, calm and steady… a woman with tremendous will power yet extremely peaceful and centered. She smiles and her face transforms into a happy cheerful child!

At the age of
7, she started to learn the ways of business through her father and their businesses. With a tough father who expected much of Kaity Samartzi, gave her only one choice to leave her school to take over their family businesses in her teenage years! However, she was already very wise then and turned down her father to finish her school first, knowing that that would cost her. She married in her 20ies and has been establishing businesses against all odds. A few years co-owning a company with her husband Kaity was introduced to the insurance market and her career started to flourish working at several companies at the same time. More than a decade after working at large insurance companies, she started her own insurance brokerage company to have the ease to be a mother alongside her career.

But Kaity Samartzi had another side to her… a side where she helped her friends, clients, to find fulfillment and happiness in their life. A spiritual side which she had denied for many years until her mother helped her to recognize it in herself after passing away. It was then when she knew she was awakened and after many years being a career lady and taking care of everyone, she realized that it was time to leave the “business” sector and move into the self-development and spiritual world.


She is a great seeker… and is constantly on the road of learning! Besides her long CV of business educations and certificates, Kaity Samartzi has received many different holistic trainings which she has first tried it on herself. Today she is a well known Spiritual Teacher, Master Teacher of Angelic Reiki, Life & Business Coach. And wanting to help people to stand on their own feet and receiving important insight and knowledge, she has published her book “the road to angels”. Stay tuned as she is about to embark on many new journeys that will help reach our genuine selves easier and faster...