Kat Love

Art Model, Photographer, Web designer with a beautiful cause!

Kat Love has always cared about making a change… choosing jobs that have a social impact! From teaching water safety and life guard to being a librarian, her passion has been learning, researching and communicating and giving back to her society!

She studied philosophy and political analysis to get to the bottom of things and to understand how things work and how she could change things… but following a life of an academic didn’t quite do it for her! And if you meet her you will definitely realise that! She is tall, authentic, beautiful and super cool with a passion to listen to you and help you find a solution!

A friend of hers insisted she should go into modelling and she did! She learnt amazing things through her journey as an Art Model! Meeting a lot of amazing people all around the world! And in one of her travels she met the love of her life and soon after followed him to live in Greece!

She also picked up photography and web design through her experience as a model! Cool ha! And she is truly super talented in both! Just as an example, I always had a hard time being in pictures and did my best to avoid them! But at some point I needed professional profile pictures… So that’s how Kat came to my life! She made me feel very comfortable through our photoshoot and the results were fantastic! I couldn’t believe it was me in the picture! And I promise no Photoshop!!!

When she moved to Greece she couldn’t find an art modelling job so she found herself making websites for friends and family and had been for years… And that was when she realised that’s what she wanted to do…

Wanting to mix her need to help and to make a social impact she has focused on a group of people that she is very passionate about… and that is psychotherapists! She makes websites for this niche market, because she believes in the importance of their work! When she was young she had a very traumatic experience in her life that she says she wouldn’t have survived without the help of her psychotherapist…

She says that most of us have a stigma regarding psychotherapy and the therapists themselves don’t know how to present themselves online in order to be more accessible and “user friendly”!

Kat love with the beautiful name has made it her goal to get their message through by turning their next website visitor into their next client through empathy-based, compassionate website design! As she says to give psychotherapists the opportunity to transform and elevate online as they have transformed her all these years! So beautiful!