Katerina Kanelidou

A professional leadership coach creating solutions with social IMPACT!

We all have a specific path to follow…some of us never manage to find it, some have always been on it but only realize it after many ups and downs through our life and a few lucky people just know it from a very young age! But when you know it from the age of 14, I guess you have a head start and no need to spend years to discover it and look for signs to make sure it’s the right path… Katerina Kanelidou is a woman who decided to learn as much as possible to be a better person for herself and everyone who needed her help! She says she was always extra curious and observative having a keen eye for everything! Katerina Kanelidou was born to be a coach…having the eagerness to understand what makes us, and the world we live in, tick. Besides funny, smart, empathetic, a multi-skilled expert, Katerina is one of the most resilient and persistent people I have met… It’s as if she has a “No-detector” switch; when it’s activated she will not stop till it goes off! :)

Coming from a family background with some personal and economic tragedies, her parents despite their challenges always supported her and gave her the strength to move forward, to believe in herself. To give you an example of her drive and commitment, in her first year at the Physical Education and Sport Science at the University of Athens, during one of their sports trainings she was severely injured. The doctors told her there was No way she could finish her sports studies, therefore had to change major and probably couldn’t play any sports ever again… That’s when her first No-detector went off! As you can imagine she did exactly the opposite,  with extreme persistence managed to get well while finishing university! Katerina Kanelidou has a long story in always finding the best possible outcome no matter where she is and what she is faced with. Being an explorer at heart she decided not to pursue oceanography studies in France but instead discovered Master’s in drama therapy and psychodrama in Barcelona was more appealing to her. So instead of exploring the deep waters she decided to explore the deep inside of a human! For years she worked in the mental health sector and later teaching in schools. This path of helping people at being healthier and happier, lead her to the world of coaching… A world again she conquered! In 2010, after getting certified by the International Coach Academy and the ICF as a coach, she was selected as the co-chair of the Art of coaching and a year later in the marketing sub-committee as the member of the steering committee of the ICF global conferences for two years! After her success, Katerina was trusted to found ICF Greece Chapter and was elected president in 2013.

Today, besides being a trainer at the ICA and member of the global coach training faculty training coaches, she is the founder/ Principal Coach of Six Steps Ahead, a boutique company offering customized solutions, designed exclusively for their clients' needs and characteristics. They work with leaders from around the world supporting them to overcome their challenges as well as thrive even in the most adverse environments.

Katerina Kanelidou is a woman with many virtues. One of my favourite is her passion for seeing a problem and finding a solution that will have a huge impact in her community! You see most  would see painful problems of our society as «not our problem»… but Katerina Kanelidou doesn’t! She is involved in quite a few pro-bono projects, but the one that touched my heart is called CoachActivism! In 2016, while happening to be at Piraeus harbour, she saw the painful image of thousands of refugees with the volunteers that where working 24/7 being burn-out! So what did she come up with? Coaching sessions for volunteers to help prevent burn-out, while developing professional skills and work efficiency. This so amazing and useful solution has ended up having over 40 coaches worldwide providing free coaching sessions to volunteers in Greece, Portugal and other countries! And believe me she is not stopping here… she will never stop learning and creating!