Katerina Ntalamaga

A psychotherapist who paves the path with you to find your way by living every moment at its full!

Being a counsellor or a therapist or any “specialist” that you turn to in an hour of need, is a career only for a few! What is so very important for the “specialist”, is to leave their agenda and their “ego” out the door and give their patient the space they need to express themselves without feeling judged, but also the kindness and warmth to feel safe… after all, each and every one of us knows deep inside what road to follow but we need help in setting the standards or the right “environment” towards our fulfilment. Katerina Ntalamaga does exactly that… she is an exceptional counsellor/psychotherapist with open arms! She has a soft voice and a spirit of a young girl, extremely adorable with a gentle and kind heart. With Katerina, you feel safe and accepted but also you feel you will manage to overcome your barriers and achieve your goals as she has extensive academic knowledge and experience.

Katerina Ntalamaga born in Athens and brought up in Ioannina, a beautiful city north of Greece, started her career in Marketing. At very young age she held managerial positions in national and multination companies in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector. At some point, she felt that she had reached the ceiling and needed a new approach. That’s when she reached out to the world of therapy and psychology and specifically the humanistic experiential psychology by Carl Rogers. An approach that gave her new tools in helping her team to achieve more through their personal growth. Katerina Ntalamaga as she says has always multitasked everything, so alongside her work she got her MSc in counselling and psychotherapy. And after her day job as marketing and communication manager she would practice counselling to make sure that, that was what she wanted to do!

Katerina Ntalamaga besides adult counselling has specialized in children through play therapy. She has besides an MBA and a MSc, a great number of diplomas and certificates in many kinds of therapy. And she hasn’t finished yet! She feels that educating herself should and will never stop! Katerina mixes another very special trait… the world of mindfulness and meditation! She teaches children and parents in living each moment at its full… I attended shortly one of her seminars and was amazed by her inner beauty and her talent of making you feel alive “living the moment”…


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