Katerina Servi

An Archaeologist, Museologist, Novelist, Copywriter bridging the ancient world with the present for children!

What does communicating mean to you? Is it a way to express ourself? Is it a way to connect with everyone? Is it a way to get the message across? Well I would like to think that communication is a connection, it is about give and take… listening, bonding and sharing! Meeting Katerina Servi for the first time, she did just that; she listened to me with full attention and interest, shared her story, her life helping us make a bond! Katerina is very easy to talk with, helps you feel comfortable by being vulnerable and understanding, extremely modest, she has a soft gentle voice and makes you laugh so effortlessly! I felt like I was sitting with a dear friend that I had a long time to see! She calls herself a chameleon, having a talent to fit-in anywhere and with anyone as she is a genuine “communicator”!


Reading books even at their dinner table as young child is how she and everyone remembers her. Even though Katerina Servi grew up in a very large family environment she always found time to herself educating her mind and soul. She graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as an archaeologist and for a couple of years worked in the Ministry of Culture. She was introduced to the world of advertising and her journey of creative writing took her for over 10 years working as a copywriter and creative head. In 2004 she was pregnant with her daughter and from then on she has been working as a freelance copywriter and archaeologist. Her advertising experience opened another path for her; becoming an author of children’s books! She has published over 18 books, been nominated a couple of times for the national book prize and receiving it in 2016 for her graphic novel “the battle of Marathon” published in 2015. As if writing books and being in archaeology wasn’t sophisticated enough, in 2015 alongside all that she does Katerina Servi received a master’s degree in Museum Studies!


Katerina Servi is the bridge between the past and the present… through her beautifully and easy-to-read children’s books, she educates children in keeping their heritage alive. When you meet her, you won’t believe how simple and modest she is having such an amazing cultural heritage, knowledge and experience! What I really love and cherish about her is her love combined with concern for her daughter and her well being… in our almost two hour meeting she was talking about her, probably two thirds of the time!!! Oh actually my really favorite would be that she loves all animals and takes care of strays and the littly guy you see in the photo is Hermes!:)